Services by typ{m}o

Here is a small overview of type related work I offer. Of course I am also available for work in the field of graphic design.

Corporate and Custom Typefaces are a great way to enhance your design, catching up the characteristics of a brand / campaign to support its public image.

A corporate / custom typeface…

If you are interested in ordering a corporate / custom typeface, you might want to take a look at my master thesis, in which I analyzed a lot of Corporate Typefaces of German companies.

By just one change of a few letters of an existing retail font, the entire visual appearance of a typeface can be varied, making it unique and better fitting to a company/campaign.

The more letters are redesigned, the more visible the modification and the more unique the new font becomes. The optical change also depends on the frequency of the letters. Letters like /a and /e are used much more often than a new /Q, for example.

Font Modification are much faster and cheaper than designing and developing a completely new font.

Whatever typographic problem you may encounter, I can support you.

Do you need a typographic logo? A so called typologo behaves like an image. Once the customer knows its shape, the logo becomes an image, which does not need to be read anymore. A corporate typeface might not fit the budget right now, but a typologo might be the first step in that direction.

Drawing a logo in Illustrator or any other vector based application can be quite tricky, as you don’t have the perfect control of the Bézier curves. I can help drawing shapes precisely by using tools that give control of every aspect.

Logos need to be used in large and small sizes. I can help with implementing optical adjustments so that the logo is perfectly usable in different sizes.

Sounds good? Let's work together! Send me a message.